, "description": "Dress and undress a newborn baby seems complex; he is so tiny and you are afraid to hurt him..." }

Softness for his skin

Dress and undress a newborn baby seems complex; he is so tiny and you are afraid to hurt him...


During his first days of life, dressing and undressing a newborn baby looks so complicated. Wear a body suit on his so fragile tiny legs and arms, doesn't look at all simple and you're afraid to hurt him. But there is no problem at all, because underwear is provided with facilitated openings for putting them on and off without any difficulty, even if the baby isn't so collaborative, there are only a few and easy fastenings. But, his delicate skin, requires a special care in choosing the fabrics: cotton is always to be preferred because it is soft, natural, breathable.


Furthermore, it is hygienic and strong, even after all the washing it have surely to undertake. During the cold season, the baby will be nice and warm in a body suit in its winter edition made of wool - cotton, with cotton contacting the skin, so that there is not risk that wool could annoy the baby. Traditional cotton is today joined by organic cotton coming from organic harvesting: it is not treated and keeps then the original qualities of cotton unchanged. It's perfect for his first days or if the baby has an especially sensitive skin. In the selection of underwear is also important to spend care for the softness of the stitching and the detailing, let's not forget that newborns' skin is easily irritated, it's also advisable to remove all the tags which may annoy the baby.

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