, "description": "Comfortable, practical and functional clothing is advisable for his day at the kindergarten." }

And what I make him wear at kindergarten?

Comfortable, practical and functional clothing is advisable for his day at the kindergarten.


Certainly comfortable and snug clothing must be chosen: clothes that are easy to wear, take and slip off, with few buttons and simple fastening. It will be a point of pride for our child to learn to wear his suit by his won, to take down his trousers for going to the toilet, to put on or off his shoes. For him, these achievements are small but important gratifications, a step forward on the path of independence, a confirmation of being "grown up". Let's help him then with clothes which are easily manageable by him, without obviously letting besides the quality of fabrics, soft and natural material that ensure transpiration and keep the right temperature while attending to his daily activities should be preferred. Layered clothing, to be adjusted according to the specific needs, should be preferred. 

Another important element in the choice of clothing is the ease to wash them, even at high temperatures. Sweaters covered with colours or play dough, trousers or skirts "decorated" with the ink of markers will be frequent scenarios. It is then vital, to survive a school year, that clothes do not require any special care in washing and can be easily ironed.

At this point we can also indulge ourself with a glamour touch, choosing fashionable colours and nice models which make our little one even more handsome.... that's a soft spot that Mums can hardly avoid! 

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