His first shoes

Shoes must respect the needs of his foot and leave it free to grow, without interferences


The foot plays a vital role in a child's motor development. It has to be protected and respected using appropriate shoes that follow and promote his physiological development.

During his first months of life, the foot of a child acts as a sensory organ, its surface collects from the environment the tactile, thermal and pain stimuli. The child uses it for exploring, touching, experimenting the objects surrounding him.

The foot is only partially ossified and is exposed to any constriction, even the lightest, such as the positions taken by the child when he is sleeping.

Let's leave our child barefoot as much as possible for this reason and let's use shoes when we have to protect his delicate feet from cold or possible impacts. Let's choose de-structured, light footwear made of extremely soft and breathable material, with a rounded shape to leave the foot free to move and with a wide opening for easier fitting.

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