, "description": "Car seats should be always used, even for the shortest car ride. " }

Travelling safe

Car seats should be always used, even for the shortest car ride.


The car seat is the safest way to transport your child and must be used by law, even for a short ride, even if you are in a hurry, and even if your child doesn’t want to. 


Many parents give up when their children complain or throw tantrums because they don’t want to sit in the car seat and rely on their safe driving. However, the risk of rear-end collisions, sudden braking, and dangerous curves is beyond even the will and the care of Dad and Mum

Don't hold then your child on your lap thinking that is the best good protection device: in the event of an accident, you will not be able to hold him and the results can be very serious.

Stop the car if the child cries or needs to be nursed or changed. Do not remove the safety belts, not even temporarily, and do not remove the child from the seat. 


The car seat must always be fastened and used correctly. Recommend this behaviour also to grandparents and relatives who occasionally give a ride to your children. You should be the first to give the good example, fastening the seat belts.

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