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Close together....

Sleeping close to your baby is advisable, but taking him in your bed is not safe for the baby


During his first days, the first weeks, mum and dad, would have their baby always close to them. This need becomes even stronger during the night, his Mum, above all, needs to feel her son close to her, for feeding him, caring him and watching over him. 

But, the baby as well is reassured feeling the presence and the closeness of his Mum, he feels safe and his needs are immediately satisfied.

Today, the experts think that this closeness is positive, not only for the peace of mind of parents but also for the correct growth of the baby who adjust his biological rhythm with his parents. 

Moreover, according to recent studies, the baby studying in the same room of his parents, but not in their bed is less exposed to the risk of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

In the light of all the above, the Mums who bring their baby to sleep close to them, frequently taking him in their bed, are not few and far between, also for avoiding to be forced to leave her bed for feeding him and for his frequent awakenings.

But let the baby sleep in his parent's bed is completely not advisable because it is not safe for him!

For a new born baby, the heat produced under the covers with the presence of adults may be excessive and then dangerous. Furthermore, you cannot exclude the possibility that the Mum, while sleeping, may get too close to the baby with the concrete risk of an accidental suffocation.

It is recommended then to let the baby sleep in the same room as the parents, but not in the same bed. It's better to use a cot to be placed besides mum's and dad's bed where the baby can have his rests in his own space, close to Mum but in complete safety. For a peaceful and calm sleeping.

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