, "description": "Preparing meals is a daily act of love. But finding the time for an accurate preparation is hard!" }

Lunch is ready!

Preparing meals is a daily act of love. But finding the time for an accurate preparation is hard!


That's why, frequently, ready made child food are chosen, they are surely handy, quick to prepare and of undisputed quality.

But let's not forget that home made food is of another league…

First of all they are fresher, just because they have been just made. Vegetables, meat, fish, selected by the mother herself, are cooked and eaten immediately, giving a significant contribution in nutrients. In second place, home made meals are an irreplaceable tool for training the child to taste, because they allow him to be daily in contact with the natural flavour of different ingredients, discovering its colour, scent, better interacting with food and starting to establish his preferences.


The texture of home made meals can, also, be adjusted using the knowledge of the mother, who can make it smoother and creamy, thicker, with tiny or bigger pieces. This variety makes the child used to diversity, stimulates his curiosity and his will to experiment: it is the ideal start towards a correct feeding that implies to try a little bit of anything, by knowing foods and flavours that are always new.


Surely, home made food requires a little bit of time for washing, peeling, slicing, mixing, blending…..  If the time at disposal is not enough, it is possible to employ small, brilliant multifunction appliances, able to significantly speed up preparation and blending: the mother will be then able to unleash her fantasy inventing ever new and tasty recipes, from the simplest meals to mouth watering dinners for her child and, why not, for the entire family!


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