, "description": "The child will early learn to associate the high-chair with meals." }

The eating corner

The child will early learn to associate the high-chair with meals.


Since children thrive on routines and are in need of certainty, it may be useful to create a sort of rite, setting a specific place in the house where he will always receive his food and using the same procedures and the same tools, from the dishes to the high chair, in a peaceful, serene environment.


The high chair plays an essential role. The baby will soon learn to associate the high chair to meal time and recognize it as the place dedicated to this activity. It must be comfortable and sage, it is advisable that it can be adjusted and modified for following the growth of the child, possibly with the option to transform into a bouncer chair for the first months and in a chair when the child is older.

As soon as possible, move the high-chair closer to the table on which mum, dad, and his brothers, if any, are eating and share this convivial moment together.

The example from the adults will promote the learning of a correct behaviour while eating, but not only that: remember that the child imitates you in your food choices as well and he fancies to eat what you are eating; it is therefore very important to set a good example, also from a nutritional perspective.

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