Always under control

Driven by their instinct of protecting their child, the parents would like to monitor him in any moment, even while he is sleeping.


That symbiotic relationship of deep understanding that will reach its highest intensity during the first months of the baby and which will, in different forms, never cease, becomes as soon as during pregnancy.

The father, on his side, will gradually learn to know his son and to understand him through the daily care. The bath, the nappy change the cuddles to make him sleep will be important moments of relation with him as well as moments of mutual communication.

It right this instinctive attitude of care and protection that causes for the parents a continuous tension to monitor their baby, preparing everything, any tiniest detail for avoiding any potential issue.

Approaching 4 months of age, when the baby can sleep by his own in his room, the parents have the greater need to monitor his sleeping, his, awakenings, his crying, his playing. Bedtime, then, is always slightly frightening for parents. It represents, especially during the first months, a temporary form of "separation" from their child that drives them to rush off at the slightest noise coming from the bedroom to see, touch and reassure the baby.

So, for calming the parents, audio and video monitoring systems that allow mum and dad to attend to their daily tasks without any anxiety are extremely useful, providing a monitoring for the baby, just like they are always close to him.

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