, "description": "How to protect your baby from those annoying companions of our summers." }

Summer yes, mosquitoes no!

How to protect your baby from those annoying companions of our summers.


Mosquitoes are present virtually all over the world;  climate changes and the implied increase in humidity have increased their proliferation. Some species are active even during the day. Mosquito bites, at our latitudes, are harmless but in any case particularly annoying, especially for the baby. We can protect him using repellents whose formulation is specific for children: even better if based on plant sourced extracts that do not irritate skin.


It sufficient to apply a thin layer of repellent on the skin of the child, without saturating it and avoiding any contact with eyes and mouth. At home we can protect the baby's bed with a thin wire mosquito net; outdoors, during the stroll, we can use a mosquito net for the pram. We can carry out a few precautions to try keeping the annoying mosquitoes away: let's avoid to leave dishes full of stagnant water on windowsills so as not to attract and avoid too intense personal perfumes that look to attire them. At this point, we have done everything possible to discourage those unwanted guests and to give the child a summer without “...zzzzzzzzzz...”!

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